Quips And Quotes

  Picture By Joseph Lillie At Lillie-Put blog In 2016 a fellow blogger named Joseph (Lillie-Put blog) done a challenge on Sundays called Pastor Wrinkles: Sunday Quips & Quotes. I love this challenge because I like quotes that inspire, encourage, Bible versesand doing right. You published a post of your own, using one quip or … More Quips And Quotes

It Is Soapbox Time.

  I really am sick of it.What is it? People complaining about the Charlotteville Riots. People complaining about Confederate statues being taken. Others have complained about antifa trying to rewrite history, etc. This is just on Facebook.When is doing something going to become more of a trend? If one wants change, one has to be … More It Is Soapbox Time.

A Voice To Speak Up For The Right And Against The Wrong.

  Every so often I put a reminder of something’s I have posted about before. This post is one them, a reminder of “Speak Up For Those Who Cannot Speak”. The Bible tells us. We all know there is plenty of causes to speak up about. One being is bullying. Another is rape. Another one … More A Voice To Speak Up For The Right And Against The Wrong.

The Weekly Headlines

  Christian Disciples Learn to Face Adversity THE ANTICHRIST SPIRIT (AND ITS CHRISTIAN SUPPORTERS)  Audio: Little Adam Schiff gets punked, trying to collude with Russians. Shoutin’ Saturdays 2-10-18 In Case You’ve Forgotten  The Truth About the Stock Market and the Economy Showing Others Compassion The Self-Compassion Mandate Love is a Bridge Letters Of Love Hilarious: … More The Weekly Headlines