One thought on “Fearless

  1. Apparently God made a mistake in the bible, or chose to believe that we “SHOULD” choose to “be afraid” one day out of the year every four years. (Leap year has 366 days!) 😀

    I have already responded to multiple emails and comments offering RESISTANCE to my recent post. This places a smile on my face because it shows emotional reactions to clearly opposing views. This is extremely HEALTHY because it stimulates THINKING; exactly the intent of my blog site.

    Our world is ever changing. Change begins with defiance and resistance. The trick is to quell emotional outbursts politely and courteously to reduce defensive posturing to allow voices and ideas to be truly HEARD. This is exactly the process I am pursuing which satisfies an underlying personal need of mine. Learning to SMILE through success as well as challenges makes this world a better place to live. When I saw your post, I felt compelled to show humor can be found in negative concepts like “fear”.

    Thank you for sharing this post and adding a smile (once again) to my face!! 🙂

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