My Article Read (6-25-2013) (6-27-2013)


  1. Russia angrily rejects Obama admin Snowden demands

  2. Amnesty amnesia

  3. Unexpected reaction as Mick Jagger takes a jab at Obama

  4. Dust-up leaves NBC’s David Gregory licking his wounds

  5. Company Sells Pork-Laced Bullets To Fight Islamic Terrorists

  6. The Excuse for Persecution… a Prophetic Peek into your future…

  7. Kim Clement: The Cloud of Blessing and Outpouring …

  8. IRS Sent $46,378,040 in Refunds to 23,994 ‘Unauthorized’ Aliens at 1 Atlanta Address.

  9. “Saving Nations” by Garris Elkins

  10. BREAKING: IRS Chief Caught In Abuse Of Power Lie – Will Anyone Notice?

  11. The Answer to Shootings………

  12. Stopping The Voter Fraud

  13. Criminals of Congress

  14. A gutless society.

  15. Take A Break From The Snowden Drama For A Reminder Of What He’s Revealed So Far

  16. Debunked: #IRS not targeting progressive groups like they did Tea Party groups

  17. US tax investigator: Liberals were not targeted

  18. The Truth Shall Keep Us Free

  19. The giant has awakened!

  20. OBAMA: I won’t force churches to conduct gay weddings

  21. Rubio addresses tea party criticism on Senate floor

  22. Palin Throws Down Gauntlet on Primary Challenge to Rubio

  23. Fire that IS a requirement.. or who put the fire out…

  24. How persecution will be justified

  25. Sid Roth: The Most Anti-Semitic Act I Know

  26. The Affirmative Action President By Matt Patterson

  27. The Supreme Court strikes down Defense of Marriage Act: Opening the door for gay marriage in all 50 states.

  28. Write Down Your Dreams!

  29. Texas Woman’s Final Words Before 500th Execution: ‘I Am Going Home With Jesus’

  30. Cardinal Dolan Decries Supreme Court Decisions as ‘Tragic’ for Marriage, Nation

  31. Ariz. Church Takes Gospel, Sunday Worship to ‘Buffalo Chip Saloon;’ No Beer Served

  32. REPUBLICAN INSIDER: “The Knife Has Republican Fingerprints All Over It”

  33. Oh My. Sarah Palin Warns Marco Rubio – COMING FOR YOU

  34. IMPEACH OBAMA Protests Coming To A City Near You This Summer – Find Out How To Join

  35. I’m gone…

  36. Georges Sada wrote of this in his Book

  37. MR Corker Won’t Like Me

  38. Proud Member Of The “Flat Earth Society”

  39. DING DONG……

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