My Article Read (6-17-2013)


  1. Supreme Court throws out Arizona voter ID law

  2. Perry signs ‘school marshal’ bill

  3. Palin on Syria: ‘Let Allah sort it out’

  4. Islamic Mosques: Excluded From Surveillance By Feds

  5. Palin’s comedic rant: NSA ‘couldn’t find two pot-smoking deadbeat Bostonians’

  6. Ground Control…..

  7. “Another Day Older (barely) and Deeper In Debt (very)”

  8. Judge Jeanine – The Real Losers of D.C.

  9. Congressional Rankings

  10. James W. Goll: The Penetrating Power of the Prophetic…

  11. The ONE THING MORE Powerful than Prayer

  12. A word about “faith”, and about Christ

  13. Grace from the foundation of the world

  14. Why am I standing next to this empty wheelchair?

  15. NSA spying flap extends to contents of U.S. phone calls.

  16. Rogers: NSA ‘lockbox’ stopped dozens of plots.

  17. How to Respond to a Prophetic Word

  18. Liberals and Conservatives, It’s Time to Do Something About Our Obama Problem

  19. How a Gospel Music Star Is Raising Godly Sons

  20. I hate to post this, but unless any person thinks …

  21. This came from a Catholic friend of mine, thank you…

  22. OUTRAGE! Michelle Obama’s Lavish Ireland Vacation With Her Own Personal Jet…

  23. Oh, FFS!

  24. :Graham predicts 70 plus votes for Immigration Reform

  25. HUH??

  26. Another African-American Senator Sees the Truth and Changes Parties

  27. Hollywood Turning on Obama

  28. Lindsey Graham’s “breakthrough” immigration victory math — 2/3 of Republicans vote against

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